Winter 2006/7

 967 (peaceful winter forest pond) 961 (hoarfrost on wild carrot)
962 (Meech Lake outlet) 963 (Christmas trees on docks)
 971 (vertical snow-covered maples) 973 (pine wreath on blue door)
1017 (two Christmas cactus blooms) 1020 (shed with red door and wreath)
1021 (church and two trees in lights) 1022 (Christmas tree in bathtub)
1023 (bare trees before snowy landscape) 1024 (moon over farm landscape near sunset)
1025 (resting wolf) 1026 (snowy outdoor tree with white lights)
1027 (red and white Poinsettias) 1028 (moon over blue landscape)
1029 (Parliament Hill in snowstorm) 1031 (sugar shack on hill)

(all images copyright Geof H. Burbidge and may not be downloaded or reproduced in any form)