Ottawa winter



Ott 7 Hoarfrost View

Ott 18 Grand Hall, National Gallery


Ott 20 Peace Tower in Fog

Ott 21 Museum of Civilization

Ott 23 Experimental Farm Buildings

Ott 25 Confederation Square

Ott 29 Rideau Canal

Ott 30 Rideau Canal


Ott 31 Ice Sculpture

Ott 32 Ice Sculptures

Ott 34 Snow Sculptures

Ott 35 Snow Sculptures

Ott 36 Flag Balloon

Ott 37 Peace Tower

Ott 38 National Gallery

Ott 40 Parliament Buildings



Ott 52 War Memorial

Ott 53 Parliament Buildings

Ott 54 Rideau Canal, Chateau Laurier

Ott 58 National Gallery, Notre Dame Cathedral 
Ott 71 Parliament Bldgs in snowstorm Ott 73 Fireworks over the Ottawa River
Ott 74 Ottawa War Memorial Ott 77 Parliament Buildings  
Ott 78 Parliament Buildings from the north Ott 79 National Gallery and Champlain monument
Ott 80 Wellington Street lights Ott 81 Peace Tower with white lights
Ott 89 Parliament buildings Ott 90 Parliamentary library and moon
Ott 91 Museum of Civilization Ott 93 Ottawa from Jacques Cartier Park
Ott 94 Peace tower through lights Ott 96 Museum of Civilization
Ott 100 National Gallery and lights Ott 101 Museum of History
Ott 102 Parliament Buildings and lights Ott 103 Parliament Buildings from the Quebec side
Ott 104 Museum of History and full moon Ott 106 Canada's 150 skating rink
Ott 107 Ottawa's market district Ott 108 The Cattle Castle at Christmas
Ott 109 "OTTAWA" sign in the market Ott 110 Parliament buildings with projected lights

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